Press Releases

Rounds Announces Re-election Bid

Posted 2.6.20

Now is the right time to officially announce I am seeking re-election to the United States Senate. South Dakotans sent me to Washington to bring South Dakota values to a broken federal government. It’s been an honor to work for and serve South Dakota; I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together. But there is more work to be done. I’m looking forward to building on our successes to accomplish even more for South Dakota in the years ahead.

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Rally For Rounds

Posted 10.14.14

Governor Mike Rounds announced today that Governor Mike Huckabee is coming to South Dakota on Friday, October 17, to support Gov. Mike Rounds in his bid to become South Dakota’s next United States Senator.

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Rounds Supports Keystone Solution

Posted 10.3.14

If you can’t get it to market, you don’t get paid. Grain is piling up on the ground and prices are plummeting. It’s a simple rule that any farmer or rancher knows. Unfortunately, that’s the challenge for producers in South Dakota. As bumper crops of wheat, corn and beans come out of the fields, farmers are filled with a sense of blessing that they’ve done their job. The joyful feelings of a bountiful harvest are quickly replaced with a sense of frustration that this year’s grains are going to get piled on top of last year’s because there simply are not enough transportation options. Too many trains are tied up carrying the valuable oil from North Dakota to refineries in the south.

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Rounds Receives NFIB Endorsement

Posted 9.29.14

Governor Mike Rounds announced today that he’s received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business for his bid to become South Dakota’s next United States Senator.

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