On the Issues

A husband, father and grandfather - first and foremost, Mike is a business owner, former state senator and two-term governor. Creating jobs and a friendly business environment, cutting bureaucratic red-tape, investing in our children, honoring our military, living within our means and keeping taxes low have long been priorities for Mike. South Dakota’s economy is strong and our quality of life is second to none. It’s not by accident. Working together, with conservative South Dakota common sense – we’ve done it right around here. It’s time Washington, D.C. learned something from the people of South Dakota! As Mike works to earn your support, know that he will take that same common sense approach to Washington, D.C.

During this general election, you will see very stark contrasts between the candidates. We believe Mike’s approach to limited government, is most in line with South Dakota values. 

Here are a few of the major differences:


Mike opposes Obamacare and would work to repeal and replace it with market-based, patient-centered solutions. Mike adamantly opposes a single-payer system and meaningless adjustments.


Mike supports Medicare for our seniors. Obamacare threatens Medicare’s solvency. Mike will defend and protect Medicare. Using Medicare cuts to offset Obamacare costs is wrong.

Balanced Budget

South Dakota balances its budget every single year. The federal government should do the same. Mike supports a balanced budget amendment. The federal government should pass a budget every year. Mike commends the house republicans for at least taking steps to pass a budget. Although he appreciates their effort, Mike's long taken the position that he disagrees with any cuts to Medicare. For that reason, Mike does not currently support the budget plan offered by congressman Ryan, specifically because of the unclear revisions to Medicare.

Deficit / Debt

By law, South Dakota must balance its budget every year. We don’t spend more than we receive and we always live within our means. The federal deficit is approaching $18 trillion dollars and we must reverse this trend before it crushes our economy.

Federal Government Overreach

Pass the REINS Act. There are now more than one million federal regulations impacting Americans and driving up costs. If the Obama regulatory system were a country, it would be the tenth largest economy in the world! We need to get the bureaucracy under control. We need to return to a system of reasonable regulation and defer to local units of government as much as possible. It’s time to take the government back from the bureaucrats. 

Keystone Pipeline

Mike supports the Keystone Pipeline.

Energy Independence

Mike believes in a “North American” solution to our dependence on foreign energy. All forms of domestic energy should be pursued.  Mike does not believe in higher taxes on energy producers. The President’s current energy policy attacking traditional energy sources will cost the average American family about $140 more per month than they’re currently paying.

Entitlement Reform

Mike believes meaningful and appropriate reforms must take place, if the U.S. is to balance its budget. Current entitlement programs are not solvent and federal deficit spending already threatens our national economy. However, any reforms must also take into consideration current beneficiaries and the long-term economic impact. 


In South Dakota, “profit” isn’t a dirty word. Mike believes you should be able to keep more of your own paycheck! The federal tax system is a mess. It must be reformed and streamlined. All federal tax rates should be lowered and the base broadened. This approach will encourage job creation and capital investment.

2nd Amendment

Mike is a strong supporter of your second amendment rights. He does not support additional regulations that restrict gun ownership.

Family Values

Mike supports the South Dakota Constitution and the traditional definition of marriage.


Mike is pro-life.

National Defense

Mike believes the primary responsibility of the federal government is funding and training armed forces adequately to protect our citizens and to secure our borders.  


Mike believes in local control of education, and while standards are important, a “one size fits all” directive from the federal government does not serve our children well. Mike will seek to abolish the US Department of Education and defund its budget including the 5000 employees with an average annual salary of $102,000 each.


EB-5 is a federal program that allows qualified and approved foreign investors the opportunity to receive United States work visas (not citizenship) if they invest in American companies and create jobs. Applicants must be approved by the Department of Homeland Security before they are granted work visas. In 1990 Congress created the EB-5 program on a bipartisan basis, and since then the program has operated across our country. Federal reports show that more than $600 million has been invested in South Dakota companies and more than 5,000 jobs created. Mike will continue to be transparent, open and honest with anyone looking for answers regarding the operation of the federal EB-5 program. To learn more about Mike's position on the EB-5 program, please read his Op-Ed on the subject.